TIFFANY WORLD based in Modena (Italy) is present on the international markets since over twenty years. Our company produces high quality bathroom furnitures, mirrors and exclusive lighting, offering products to the medium-high range of customer.

Other than the exclusive design of models, our customers appreciates the selection of materials, liability of products along the time and the professional quality of the post-sale services.

Recently our factory has been powered with the last generation of industrial machinery, permmitting us for example to realize excellent bath accessories in brass and other metals.



Everyone can love art masterpieces for their absolute beauty. “Beauty will save the world” said the russian writer Dostojevskj A real masterpiece in sculpture, painting, music, literature or architecture, originate from the highest human mind. But exists another beauty too: the beauty of simple and every day things, often coming from traditional artisan passion, who still love to create with their hands, little but rare masterpieces too, designed and realized with techniques reproducing in a modern key, ancient manual working methods.

The design culture it isn’t just a free slogan for us. For CRG designing and personalization has become a true life philosophy, firmly settled at the base itself of our organization. Buying bathroom furnitures and accessories is very easy today. To create a real interior design in a context of harmonic mix of furnishing, lighting and accessories assembled to make a sober and functional style, is certainly harder. For this simple, but valid reason, CRG wish to answer properly to the customer needing, who are usually searching for quality, functionality, convenience, and above all paying attention for the innovative design as well as for the best italian traditional style. For further informations about our production you can directly call at # +39 059 570904 or +39 059 570905 to request a commercial visit or other related services. It is possible at any time to visit our show-room if you can come in Italy (we strongly suggest to do that).

If it is not the case, please continue to sail our web site where you can find several informations about all the CRG’s 2006 collection.